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The doors to

The CreateBrave Experience

are opening soon

I’m imagining (and creating) a virtual space

to encourage and inspire us to make, share, and celebrate

the art that lives in our hearts. 

All soul-centered creative humans (writers and poets, visual artists and photographers,
makers and creators, dancers and music-makers) are welcome.

The CreateBrave Experience is ...

A playground ...

where you’ll be encouraged to freely experiment

with anything and everything your heart wants to create.

A creative sanctuary ...

where your art and your heart will be nurtured, seen, and celebrated.

And a community of kindness and support ...

where we’ll practice the art of creating brave ... together.

CreateBrave is a unique experience that culminates in ...

me doing what I do best ... creating a beautiful digital publication

(a showcase for us to freely share with the world)

featuring and celebrating your art.

I simply cannot wait to gather a collective of

creative humans to practice the art of creating brave.

No experience needed.

If you have art in your heart and you want to be seen and celebrated, you belong here.

May I add you to the CreateBrave curiosity list?

Yes, Please

Thanks for submitting!

Signing up simply adds you to the no-pressure, no-obligation interest list. 

You’ll be the first to know when the doors are ready to open.

You can check out all the details and

decide if CreateBrave is right for you.

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