About me + you

Everywhere I turn I see authors, writers, storytellers, artists
and soulpreneurs with tender hearts and tenacious souls

who long to see their words and their work in a book that matters. 


Glorious humans just like you


You might describe yourself as cautious. Sensitive. Quiet. Sometimes even scared or shy. I would describe you as resilient. Intuitive. Insightful. And brave. (Most certainly brave.)


You’ve probably checked out the publishing industry a bit. And my guess is you’ve found it noisy, overwhelming, and downright confusing. Nothing really feels like a fit. And you have no idea who to trust.


At this point you might even be asking yourself, “Will my words and my work ever get published?”

Hi, I’m Michelle. 

When you step into my world the answer to the question, “Will my words and my work ever get published?” is a resounding, “Yes! Yes, it will.” 

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I’m a book coach, book designer, editor, and publisher, who believes to her core that your voice matters. If you’re being called to put your words and your work into a book, it’s because there are readers waiting for what you have to say, share, and teach. 


We just need to get you to a place where you feel safe enough and brave enough to say what you need to say. 

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That's why I created
The Publishing Sanctuary...

A safe and nurturing place where introverted authors, writers, storytellers, artists and soulpreneurs can 
brave, be seen, and get published. Finally.  



I meet you right where you are, and gently guide you on the journey from a tender idea that lives in your heart to a beautiful book that shines in the world ... a book designed and written to amplify your words and your work. AND, because of your journey, you’ll be ready to show up and make the difference you’ve always wanted to make.

I’ve been preparing my whole life to help you birth this book.


When I was three years old I received my first box of 64 crayons. The color captivated my imagination. At that moment I knew I was born to create. At age five I learned to read, and the magical world of words came alive for me. 


When I turned six I put these two magical worlds together and wrote + illustrated my very first book … The Magic House.


I grew up, went to art school, became a graphic designer, opened my own design studio and completed over 9,000 design jobs for corporate and non-profit clients. The work was good, and I was damn good at it, but something was missing. 


My own tender heart was longing to do work that felt more meaningful, so I called on my tenacious soul to help me find the magic of color and words again. That search led me to the publishing industry, where I have been happily working as a book designer for more than 10 years. I’ve designed books for authors and publishers around the world. 


Soon I had another problem. I was doing work I loved, but I was watching too many authors get chewed up and spit out by the publishing industry. There had to be a better way. 


My tenacious soul came roaring back and I spent two long years diving deep into all things publishing. I read hundreds of books, studied dozens of systems and techniques, and wandered neck deep into the mind-numbing world of Amazon. What emerged was a kinder, more gentle way to write, design, edit, publish, and market a book. 


Along the way I also discovered (or developed) creative ways for authors, writers, storytellers, artists and soulpreneurs to get their words and their work into a book. No matter how much time they have. No matter their budget. 


There's more to the story.

(Just knowing wasn't enough.)

While I was finding my way to the work I love, I was also becoming the woman who could actually do the work I love. 


Like so many of the authors I support I am an introvert (INFJ) with a very tender heart and a very tenacious soul. I spent years hiding my voice. All the while, knowing that there was something I needed to do in the world. Something big. Something meaningful. Something magical. 


But in order to do the work I knew I was meant to do, I had to stop hiding. I had to learn to be brave. I had to get out of my own way, make fear my friend, and say yes to taking a big step into the unknown.


I am happy to say that with fierce determination, and an unwavering commitment to never giving up, I finally found my way. I transformed from hiding in a dark place of desperate desire, to standing fully in the light of the work I am most meant to do in this world. 


These are not just pretty words, this is my new reality. Just yesterday I was working with one of my brave authors. As we were ending our session she said, “Michelle, I want you to know that I’ve been holding my story inside me for more than 60 years. And now, because of you, I finally feel safe enough to break my silence.”   


Hearing those words felt like magic. My heart was electric with the feeling of “yes.” The decades of struggle to get here melted away. In that very moment, I knew that I could, and I would, help this glorious woman feel safe enough and brave enough to birth the book she knew she was born to write. 


I can do the same for you. In fact, it’s what I was born to do. 


To you and your brave book



Just for fun … 


Here’s a thing or two (or six) 

you might want to know about me.  




I’ve been married to My Love (aka Mr. Joe) for almost 30 years.

Us headshot for about IMG_6561 copy.jpg



The very best thing I’ve ever birthed is the glorious human known as Ms. Jenna Bee.



I’m a mandala artist. (And possibly the only publisher on the planet who uses this magical art as a tool to support authors, writers, storytellers, artists and soulpreneurs on their publishing journeys.) 

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Art & words & color & music are magic.  And the world needs All The Magic. All the time. Starting Right Now.


I love warm socks, glitter pens, and of course books by the stackful. I abhor shaming, unkindness, and small talk.



My greatest truths are these: One voice can change the world and every voice matters … Women are here to save the world (and we are perfectly designed for the task at hand) … And underneath it all, We Humans Are Glorious.