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Beautiful & Potent Talismans to Deepen

Your Connection to Your Desired Intention

Whether it's a long-held goal, a feeling you long to feel, or a way of being you dream of living, putting a word to that desire is powerful magic.

In your heart you know that this word has the power to:


  • Be your guiding compass

  • Inspire you to rise higher and stronger

  • Encourage you on doubt-filled days

  • Deepen your heart's journey as you navigate the way forward

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LP Hope composite.jpg

Amplify and integrate this power with a Mandala Altar Card made from the letters of your chosen word...

A Sacred Container

I design your mandala using the letters of your chosen word. So, if you word is "hope" your mandala is designed using the letters H-O-P-E.

My favorite translation of the Sanskrit word "Mandala" is "Container of Sacred Essence." This means your mandala is so much more than pretty art. It is a beautiful container to hold + amplify the sacred essence and powerful energy of the word you choose.

  • Place your mandala on your altar

  • Reflect on it daily to amplify its power

  • Call on it when you need to remember your desire to see this potent energy made manifest in your life

  • Let its beauty take you deeper into the truth of you 


Two Options:


Order a custom-designed Altar Card featuring a mandala created just for you using your chosen word or phrase. 


Choose one of our pre-made Mandala Altar Cards from the gallery below. New mandalas are added weekly, so check back often. Use these cards to anchor new intentions throughout the year.

Whichever option you choose, here's what's included:

LP explore side view.jpg

Your 5x7 mandala will be printed on luxurious, super thick, archival-quality Mohawk Superfine paper at

LP holder_trns.png

Made by

Your order ships with this cute and clever display stand. Solid wood, acid-free walnut finish.

LP hand.jpg

Once I receive your printed card I grab my metallic pens + liquid glitter to add sparkle and shine to your mandala

LP explore.jpg

Put it all together and you have a sparkling piece of sacred altar art to connect you to your word all year long.

Yes, I would like a custom-designed Mandala Altar Card

Every step of the process is carefully designed to yield a mandala intentionally created to hold the unique energy of your chosen word.

Your custom mandala experience begins with a 30-minute phone call. Together we'll explore the energy of your chosen word and determine the design style and color choices that will best support the vision you hold for your word.

breathe_stained glass rainbow.jpg

Your mandala will be custom-designed using the letters of your chosen word, digitally painted, professionally printed on thick, luxurious, archival paper, glittered and "golded" by hand, and shipped with a solid wood display stand.

Size of card is 5 inches x 7 inches.

Please allow 4–5 weeks for design, printing, hand-glittering and delivery.

(Allow additional time for international shipping) 

Custom-Designed Intention Mandala Altar Card


$90 (plus shipping)

I Choose a Pre-made Intention Altar Card


$30 (plus shipping)

Each card is 5 x 7 inches on super thick, luxurious, archival-quality paper and includes hand glittering and "golding," and a solid wood stand.

Please allow 2–4 weeks for printing, hand-glittering and delivery. 

(Allow additional time for international shipping) 

View the gallery below

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