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From Hiding Your Voice to Holding Your Book

the author's journey


Right now your book is a tiny idea
whispering in your heart ...

Let’s turn it into a finished book
you can hold in your hands

Every day I talk to another tender-hearted author (just like you) who feels called to write and publish a book. A book that matters … to you, and to the people you’re meant to serve. 


You desperately want to say yes to this book that is calling. The only problem is you have absolutely no idea where to begin. You haven’t even put one word on paper, and you already feel doubt and overwhelm knocking at your door.


You know your book will make a difference 


  • You’re ready to make a commitment and do what it takes to get your book out of your heart and into the world. 

  • You’re even willing to work through any blocks that get in the way. 

  • You’ve put your stake in the ground, and you’re going to write this book. 

You just don’t want to do this alone 

You understand yourself well enough to know that you need a compassionate advocate to gently guide you step by tender step. 


And, when it’s needed, you also want a fierce mama bear who’ll hold you accountable, and help you dig deep and do what it takes to write the book you know you’re meant to write.


That’s exactly why I created The Publishing Sanctuary … 

a brave and nurturing place where introverted authors 

with tender hearts and tenacious souls
come to birth a book that matters.​

Do You … ​​

  • Long to share your story, but have no idea where to even begin? 

  • Hear a voice in your head that constantly whispers, “Who are you to write this book”?

  • Try to start your manuscript, only to be stopped over and over by fear or overwhelm? 

  • Watch endless webinars, read countless books, and sign up for way too many courses, forever trying to find a publishing solution that doesn’t feel scary, constricting, and cold? 

  • Wonder if there’s anyone out there you can trust to help you craft your book your way? 


Your book is your baby, and with all of this doubt swirling in your head, you find yourself asking, “Can I actually do this? Will my book ever get published?” 

When you step into The Publishing Sanctuary and work with me to write, design, edit, and publish your book, the answer is a resounding ...

yes it will bigstock-closeup-of-a-blue-r

Just Imagine …​

  • Meeting the UPS guy at the door, ripping open the box, and holding your brand new book in your hands for the very first time … knowing you’ve just achieved one of your life long goals.

  • Receiving an email from a new reader who lovingly shares how she slept through the night for the first time in weeks because your book provided exactly what she was searching for. 

  • Having that “aha moment” when your whole body tingles and you say, “After all these years of struggling to get clear, writing this book has helped me see everything I need to create my program and services. I finally get it!

  • Standing taller and breathing deeper because you finally feel safe enough to break your silence and tell the story you’ve been holding in your heart for years, maybe even decades.

  • Feeling brave enough and confident enough to build a thriving business, stand on stage for the first time, or say yes to writing a whole series of books … all because you had the courage to finish this book. 

warmer bigstock-Christmas-fairy-tale-Ver


These aren’t just pretty words. These are the exact experiences authors just like you have reported. Authors who didn’t know who to trust or how to start. Authors who longed to make a difference with their messages, and were afraid their books might never get published. 


These authors went from an idea in their hearts to a book in the world with the help they found in The Publishing Sanctuary.

The Publishing Sanctuary provides a 12-month, customized journey that includes everything you need to turn a tiny idea into a beautifully-crafted published book.

Everything Means Everything.

You won’t have to …

  • Search for editors, designers, formatters, and publishing coaches 

  • Worry about your budget ... you'll pay one fee that covers everything you need for the entire publishing journey

  • Endlessly explain your book or answer the same questions over and over as you bounce from vendor to vendor


In The Publishing Sanctuary you'll work with one team from start to finish ... a team dedicated to helping you birth your book, your way.


Here's What's Included:


A Gentle Way to Work

Through Your Blocks


Most publishing programs start with things like identifying your market, creating your outline, and planning your goals. While these are vital steps in the publishing process, they’re not the best place to begin. 


Why? Because this approach ignores the inner blocks that prevent most authors from going the distance and finishing their books. In The Publishing Sanctuary we take a different approach. We work with your inner blocks. You'll be better prepared to finish your book, and you'll have a powerful new process you can use to gain courage and clarity in all areas of your life. 


A Personal Talisman to
Anchor Your Journey​

hand coloring .jpg

Claiming and anchoring your intention is a vital step if you want to successfully complete your book. That's why at the very beginning of your journey I create a personal mandala, custom-designed to anchor your work. Your mandala will arrive framed and ready to display in your writing space. Day by day it will gently remind you why you are writing this book, and why it matters. 


A Process to Connect with the Energy
of Your Book, Your One Perfect
Reader, and Your Inner Author​

diane cover.jpg

Somewhere along the journey, every author faces the daunting question, "Who am I to write this book?" I've designed a powerful writing process that will energetically connect you to the purpose and content of your book. Your doubt will diminish. Your confidence will soar. And you'll understand that you, in fact, have been called to write this book. This process ends with me crafting your writing into your own personal Book of Yes.  A beautifully-designed, full-color, 20-page book you'll receive in the mail. A book that commemorates and celebrates your connection to the book in your heart. The book you'll birth as your journey continues. 


Six Foundational Steps That are Critical to Successfully Completing Your Book:


  • Ground your intention + learn what to do when you desperately want to quit 

  • Understand why you are writing this book and why it matters

  • Identify your ideal reader and what she needs from your book 

  • Create an outline that makes writing your book faster and easier

  • Discover your ideal writing routine to make writing a joy instead of a chore 

  • Develop a writing schedule that actually works for you


Six Foundational Steps That are Critical to Successfully Completing Your Book:​​


Ground your intention + learn what to do when you desperately want to quit 

  • Understand why you are writing this book and why it matters

  • Identify your ideal reader and what she needs from your book 

  • Create an outline that makes writing your book faster and easier

  • Discover your ideal writing routine to make writing a joy instead of a chore 

  • Develop a writing schedule that actually works for you


One-on-One Coaching to Help You
Birth the Book You're Meant to Write ​​

  • A customized journey to get you to your goal, beginning right where you are

  • Bi-weekly calls to support you throughout the entire writing process

  • Guidance to help you write from your heart

  • Accountability to help you stay on schedule

  • Coaching to help keep fear and doubt at bay


Developmental Editing to Help
Keep You and Your Book on Track​


During this tender phase we work closely together to gently, yet tenaciously craft your book into the best it can be. We make sure your book is readable and marketable, while always staying true to your vision.


A Professionally-Designed
Cover and Interior to Hold

the Energy of Your Book


Your book cover and full interior will be intuitively and intelligently designed, so that it will stand out in the marketplace, call to your ideal readers, be easy to read, look and feel professional, and get the attention it deserves. We fill your book with love, and work with you to make sure you love it too. 


We review your book line-by-line, word-by-word to ensure it's the best it can be. Our goal is to help you serve your readers by making the reading experience clear, engaging, and error-free. 

Copy Editing and Proofreading
to Ensure a Professional Finished Book​


Ebook Design and Formatting
to Increase Your Book's Availability​


We format your book in every available digital format you desire for the widest distribution possible.


Publishing Support to Make Sure
Your Book Actually Gets Published​

You've poured your heart and soul into writing, editing, and creating your book. Now it’s time to get it published. We walk with you through the self-publishing process, helping you successfully publish your book to the sites you choose. 

Above all else, we'll be your trusted guide. I'm by your side every step of the way. This is not a pre-designed program that will leave you feeling lost, confused, or alone. I meet you right where you are and gently guide you through the entire process. 

You step into The Publishing Sanctuary with a longing to write
and emerge with a finished book you can share with the world.

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Your published book can lead to …  ​​

  • More impact. Your book will be available across the globe … which means more people (the right people) will hear your message and find their way to your work

  • Clarity and content. Your finished book makes your mission and message crystal clear; plus you’ll have the content you need for blog posts, podcasts, programs, products, and services

  • Greater opportunities. When you tell people you’re a published author they listen. Blogs, podcasts, and stages open to you … providing even more ways to reach even more people

  • Increased income. With impact and opportunity come more ways to make money from your message … ways that feel good … ways you’ve probably never even considered​

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But that’s not all. There's also this almost magical inner transformation that happens for authors in The Publishing Sanctuary …


  • You learn to trust yourself. You learn to ask for (and listen to) inner guidance. Indecision wanes. Clarity emerges.

  • Your inner mean girl gets quieter. She might even become your new BFF. Just imagine what your life could be like without her chattering in your head 24/7.

  • You feel braver, stronger, clearer. You know what you want to say. You know how to say it. And you now, finally, have the courage to stand in your spotlight and actually say it. 

We don’t try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all box, sell you a bunch of “write your book in a weekend” or “make $10,000 in a week” shenanigans, or sign you up for a program where you’ll more likely than not end up with a head full of confusion, a heart full of doubt, and a half-written book. 

The Publishing Sanctuary is unlike any

other publishing experience out there 

Instead, we bring you a unique combination of
compassionate heart and publishing smart

We meet you where you are and act as your champion and confident every step of the way. We help you work through blocks and resistance and use our years of publishing experience and in-house expertise to help you bring your book out of your heart and into the world. 


If words like “make six figures from your book” or “write a bestselling book in a weekend” have your head shaking “yes” then The Publishing Sanctuary isn’t the place for you. 


On the other hand, if you’re looking for a brave and nurturing place where introverted authors with tender hearts and tenacious souls come to birth a book that matters, then our doors and our hearts are wide open to you. 

The people who are ready for your message are waiting for you to say yes. 

Your book is waiting for you to say yes. 


Listen to that voice that’s urging you forward.

Take a safe and gentle first step. 


Email me at
We’ll schedule a time to hop on the phone and have a gentle chat.
You’ll share your book dreams with me. 

I’ll answer all your questions
and together we’ll discover what wants to unfold next.  


What these brave authors are

saying about the journey ...

tisha_8191d_Front_Cover_with NEW

“Michelle was my expert ...” 


Being a novice at the whole book process, I needed an expert who could point me in the right direction and answer my questions. Michelle was my expert. She held my hand and helped me step-by-step through the entire process. 


Tisha Marie Pelletier

When The Universe Throws A Curveball

Tisha Marie Enterprises


“She took my vision and gave it wings ...” 


Michelle is gifted and guided and exactly what I needed. She took my vision and gave it wings to fly. She was my guiding light, my rock when things went south, my cheerleader when things went well, and through the process, she became a dear friend! She listened and used her intuitive sense to help me express my vision. Anyone would be lucky to have Michelle as a coach, designer, and publisher. 


Sharon Silver

Stop Reacting and Start Responding


“Michelle is a gifted intuitive...” 


She has an amazing ability to combine the essence of the book’s message with the heart of the author, to create a one-of-a-kind book that just “feels” right. Michelle is knowledgeable and supportive. She approaches her work from a deep, heart-centered place and is a passionate advocate for helping others publish and share their passions with the world. 


Gisela Arenas

Your Number Vibrations

“You were the difference that made the difference ...” 


Michelle and Joe Radomski brought the “best seller” out of my book in ways I never imagined. I knew my book was looking for the right team to bring out it’s soul. I found that team in Michelle and Joe. Publishing is not always a linear process and they know that road and all of its curves so well! I truly felt bathed in an ocean of support. Thank you, Michelle and Joe for lending your souls and great skills to my baby! You were the difference that made the difference for publishing my book and bringing it to life!


Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D.
Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Create the Love You Deserve

8929x_Safe_to_Love_Cover front crppd.jpg