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The Firefly Book Design Package


Be Seen  Share Light  Attract Good

Firefly energy = illumination, inspiration. guidance, simplicity, and the ability to attract what you need to achieve your goals.


I can think of no better energy than that to pour into your book design.


You’ve poured your heart into your book and now your manuscript is complete. Or nearly so. 


Your dreams are filled with images of how you book will change your readers’ lives. And how it will change your own. 


But first, before this magic can happen you need your cover designed and your interior formatted. 


So you start your search and quickly find yourself confused and maybe even a bit paralyzed. Where do you look? Who do you trust? What can you expect? And how does this whole book design thing work anyway?


I want you to know, I get it.

I get the overwhelm and mystery that can surround book design.

That’s why I created The Firefly Book Design Package


Just like the authors I support, I have a tender heart and a tenacious soul. 


I have the intuitive ability to design a book cover that captures the energy and essence of your book. I have the experience to intelligently design a book that will work in the marketplace. 


Plus, I have an immense amount of tenderness to hold your heart and your hand throughout the journey. And, buckets full of fierce tenacity … so I’ll never let you quit until we’ve designed a cover you love. 



“You Gotta Love Your Book”


You’ve probably read that a professionally-designed book is one of the most important investments you can make when you are trying to create a book that will stand out in the marketplace. That is true. I agree. 100%. 


But in my world there is one more piece. It has become my mantra, and if you work with me you will hear me say it over and over. “You gotta love your book.” And by that I mean ... you, me, and everyone who touches your book has to fill it with love. 


Why? Because your book is an energetic container, and when you fill it with love that love goes out into the world. People can feel it — and are drawn to it. (Conversely, if you book is filled with fear, indifference, or angst of any kind, people will feel that, too.) 


That’s why every single thing about the Firefly Book Design Process is filled with love.


When you work with me you get a designer who is: 


Heart-based. You’ll feel seen and cared for throughout the design process. Your ideas matter. Your feelings matter. You matter. And I make sure you feel that every step of the way. 


Experienced. You’ll receive a book that is designed based on the very latest in the art and the science of powerful book design. 


Intuitive. Your book design will be based on the energy and essence of you + your message to powerfully attract your right and perfect reader.  

Here’s how the process goes (step-by-step) … 


Step 1 ... You say yes. 


Step 2 ... We connect via phone or zoom and dive into all the loveliness of your book 


Step 3 ... I provide 3–6 cover design concepts


Step 4 ... We work back and forth until you love your book. Sometimes that takes two rounds, sometimes six. It does not matter. We make sure you love your book. 


Step 5 ... You submit your fully edited manuscript when it is ready.


Step 6 ... I design an interior layout to match your cover.


Step 7 ... Once the layout is approved I format your book. 


Step 8 ... You proofread your book and submit changes. 


Step 9 ... Once the formatting is approved you submit back cover content.


Step 10 ... I design your back cover and spine, and once approved prepare the files for you to provide to the printer/publisher of your choice. 


Step 11 ... We design and prepare your ebook for publication.

Step 12 ... We design and prepare your marketing materials for upload/print.

Step 13 ... We all cheer wildly and celebrate you for birthing your beautiful book into being.


What some of the glorious authors I’ve served are saying about The Firefly Book Design Process … 


“Michelle is a gifted intuitive...” 


She has an amazing ability to combine the essence of the book’s message with the heart of the author, to create a one-of-a-kind book that just “feels” right. Michelle is knowledgeable and supportive. She approaches her work from a deep, heart-centered place and is a passionate advocate for helping others publish and share their passions with the world. 


Gisela Arenas

Your Number Vibrations

“You were the difference that made the difference ...” 


Michelle and Joe Radomski brought the “best seller” out of my book in ways I never imagined. I knew my book was looking for the right team to bring out it’s soul. I found that team in Michelle and Joe. Publishing is not always a linear process and they know that road and all of its curves so well! I truly felt bathed in an ocean of support. Thank you, Michelle and Joe for lending your souls and great skills to my baby! You were the difference that made the difference for publishing my book and bringing it to life!


Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D.
Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Create the Love You Deserve

8929x_Safe_to_Love_Cover front crppd.jpg

The Firefly Book Design Package is fully customizable and can include any or all of the following:


  • A print-ready cover (front/back/spine)

  • A custom-designed interior (no templates here)

  • Ebook cover and interior formatting

  • Final files ready to upload to the printer/publisher of your choosing


Plus, I’ve just added a sweet little marketing package so that you can shine your light a little brighter and let the world know your glorious book baby has arrived. 


This package includes everything you need to let your book shine: 

  • 3D book cover 

  • Facebook and Instagram graphics

  • Bookmark art

  • Poster art

This package is included with every book design at no additional charge.



Packages are customizable and range from $600 to $1600. Let's chat to design a package that is perfect for you and your book.


Saying yes to your book is as easy as emailing me to set up a time to chat.

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