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Get Brave ...

Be Seen ...

Get Published ...


Greetings Glorious You ...

I see you. (And I feel like I know you.)  

You’re an author … a writer … a storyteller … an artist.


You have something to say 

with your words. your work, your art, and your heart. 

Something meaningful … magical even.

Something that can heal … transform … delight.


And you really (like really, really) want to say it

You want to see your words and your work in print,
out in the world changing lives … spreading joy … 

making a difference.


So you try.


And then you
run into a roadblock

... or two ... or three.

You learn that publishing takes courage. 

And sometimes you don’t feel very brave


You wake up and realize that sharing your voice requires being seen. 

And a big (often loud) part of you prefers you stay invisible (thank you very much)


You discover that the publishing world is a cold and chaotic place. 

The noise, confusion, and hype hurt your tender heart


That’s exactly why I created

The Publishing Sanctuary …

A nurturing place where introverted authors, writers, storytellers and artists with tender hearts and tenacious souls come to get brave, be seen, and get published … finally. 


A safe place where your personal publishing journey will be nurtured by a guide with a compassionate heart and publishing smart. 


A full-service place where unique publishing opportunities + tips, resources, insights, inspiration, and massive amounts of cheerleading abound.


You & Your Book Are​

Welcome Here

Choose a first brave step ...

Schedule a free “Dream Your Book Into Being” discovery call … a safe and non-salesy way to share your publishing dreams. Email me to set up a time to chat.


Learn all about our full service publishing journey. Discover how to get everything you need to birth a book that matters. 

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